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2019 Beijing International Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition
Launch date 2019-04-17 to 2019-04-19
Exhibition address China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall)
organizer China Food Industry Association, China Food Science and Technology Association
organizer Anjiemei (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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[ Technology Leads to Food ]

中国国际食品加工包装展以“ 科技引领「食」尚”为主题, 定于2019417-19日在北京.中国国际展览中心举办。展会将与中国国际食品饮料展览会( CIFIE )同期同馆举办,两大展会强强携手,将以超过50000平米的超大规模亮相,专业观众将超过8万人。 CF-2019将成为国内外同行业中参观商选购设备、了解国内外食品加工及相关产品发展趋势及现状的首选展会。 The 17th CF- China International Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition will be held on April 17-19 , 2019 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing . The exhibition ( CIFIE ) is held in the same hall in the same period. The two major exhibitions will cooperate with each other to make a large-scale appearance of more than 50,000 square meters, and the professional audience will exceed 80,000 . CF-2019 will become a domestic and foreign visitor to purchase equipment The first choice exhibition to understand the development trends and status of domestic and foreign food processing and related products.

   ,历经十余年卓越发展沉淀,现已成为享誉国内外食品加工行业的专业盛会,上届展览汇聚俄罗斯、澳大利亚、美国、德国、英国、意大利、波兰、印度、印度尼西亚、西班牙、伊朗、韩国、巴基斯坦、以色列、突尼斯、泰国、哈萨克斯坦、孟加拉、阿塞拜疆、加拿大、马来西亚、新加坡、土耳其、越南、台湾、香港等20多个国家地区800多家企业和65000名专业采购商参与,知名企业有新松、勃肯特、赛佰特、东平骏川、荣港顺华、康得利、莫迪维克、汉普、威博、瑞帆、亿通等,展览获得国内外行业同仁的一致好评。 The abbreviation of China International Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition ( CF for short) , after more than ten years of outstanding development and precipitation, has now become a professional event renowned in the food processing industry at home and abroad. The previous exhibition brought together Russia, Australia, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy , Poland, India, Indonesia, Spain, Iran, South Korea, Pakistan, Israel, Tunisia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more than 800 countries and regions Enterprises and 65,000 professional buyers participated. Well-known companies include Xinsong, Birkenstock, Subway, Dongping Junchuan, Ronggang Shunhua, Kangdeli, Modivik, Hamp, Weibo, Ruifan, Yitong, etc., The exhibition won unanimous praise from colleagues at home and abroad.

向行业及国外同行展示了中国食品加工行业的最新发展水平,是食品加工行业企业展示风采的大舞台,是全国食品与加工行业交流的盛会;也是世界食品加工包装行业的大舞台之一。 CF China International Food & Processing Packaging Exhibition was rated as one of the most influential exhibitions in the food industry, and its influence, industry status, and reliability have been recognized by the industry. CF showed the industry and foreign counterparts the Chinese food processing industry's The latest level of development is a great stage for companies in the food processing industry to showcase their style and a grand event for the exchange of food and processing industries in the country; it is also one of the major stages in the world's food processing and packaging industry .

[ Exhibition advantages ]

家企业! 1. The largest food and processing packaging exhibition in northern China—more than 800 companies! A market opportunity not to be missed!

万平方米,资源共享,价格更优,一次参展,双倍效果,同时面对食品行业专业观众 2. The same hall as the CIFIE Food and Beverage Exhibition, covering an area of 50,000 square meters, sharing resources and better prices, once exhibiting, double the effect, while facing professional visitors in the food industry
创造奇佳广告效益,带来企业无限商机:利用整合营销策略宣传展览活动,并针对不同目标对象进行包括广告、公关议题创造、公关活动举行、直效营销宣传、新闻议题发布、网络宣传等营销宣传,为参展厂商增添商机。 3. Create Qijia advertising benefits and bring unlimited business opportunities for enterprises: use integrated marketing strategies to promote exhibition activities, and carry out advertising, public relations issues creation, public relations activities, direct marketing promotion, news issue release, and online promotion for different target audiences Such as marketing promotion, to increase business opportunities for exhibitors.
黄金档期:每年春季是食品与加工包装设备、原辅料采购的黄金推档期,主办单位将与相关协会及媒体密切合作,推出丰富多彩的活动,将让展览效益更加提高,创造参展商更大展出效益。 4. Golden season: Every spring is the golden promotion period for the procurement of food and processing packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials. The organizer will work closely with relevant associations and media to launch a variety of activities, which will increase the effectiveness of the exhibition and create more exhibitors. Great exhibition benefits.

[ Target audience ]

果蔬加工饮料//啤酒制造烟草制造商糖果制造 Food Processing / Fruit and Vegetable Processing Beverage / Wine / Beer Manufacturing Tobacco Manufacturer Candy Manufacturing

肉食加工调味品/食品配料加工包装/印刷厂 包装机械代理商 Slaughterhouse / Meat Processing Condiment / Food Ingredient Processing Packaging / Printing Factory Packaging Machinery Agent  

医药品制造食品加工机械制造商医药、乳品加工宾馆/酒店/餐饮 Daily Chemicals / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer Medicine and Dairy Processing Hotel / Hotel / Food & Beverage

贸易代理商/进出口商/批发商/分销商科研咨询/媒体/政府协会等 Distributors / Trade Agents / Importers / Wholesalers / Distributors Research Consulting / Media / Government Associations, etc.

[ Exhibition Scope ]  

Raw material processing equipment: beer beverages, dairy products, meat processing equipment, refrigeration equipment; snack foods, convenience foods, condiments processing equipment, catering equipment, central kitchen equipment, fresh-keeping vacuum packaging equipment; sorting, cleaning, cutting, drying, crushing, vibration Screening, mixing and stirring, extraction and separation, cooking and concentration, fermentation and sterilization, heat exchange, water treatment equipment, pump valve fittings, etc.

Packaging machinery and packaging materials: automatic packaging machines, filling machines, coding and labeling machines, weighing equipment, capping equipment, sealing machines, vacuum packaging machines, automatic conveying equipment, mechanical arms, paper, wood, plastic, glass , Metal, ceramic, composite film and other materials for food packaging , packaging accessories, etc.

射线检测机、机器视觉检测系统、物流追溯与跟踪系统、食品安全快速检测仪器、实验室仪器、认证咨询等。 Safety testing equipment and instruments: metal detectors, X -ray detectors, machine vision inspection systems, logistics traceability and tracking systems, rapid food safety inspection instruments, laboratory instruments, certification consulting, etc.