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Production and sales of 60,000 tons in 1 year, earning 1.4 billion! This company did it with these 2 tricks!
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,祖籍江门开平,香港叶氏化工旗下叶氏油墨负责人,主理洋紫荆品牌在内地的业务,日常办公多驻洋紫荆油墨(中山)有限公司,来到中山发展事业已有20多年的时间,感叹中山早已成为他的“第二故乡”。 Tong Guozhao , ancestral native of Kaiping, Jiangmen, the person in charge of Ye's Ink of Hong Kong's Yeats Chemical Co., Ltd., is in charge of the business of the Bauhinia brand in the Mainland, and has daily offices in Bauhinia Ink (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., and has been in Zhongshan for more than 20 years. Time, lamented that Zhongshan had already become his "second hometown".


Unlike many overseas Chinese businessmen, Wu Guozhao's starting point was an ordinary employee of Hong Kong's Yeats Chemicals. When the company opened up its business in the Mainland, it saw the business prospects and decided to go north. Later, when Ye's entered the new territory of ink, Wu Guozhao gradually entered the core team of Ye's ink, and finally in the great development of the ink industry, he led the Bauhinia to become the top-selling company in China's ink industry by finding a breakthrough in "environmental protection". Brand.

Seize the historical opportunity to achieve a new chapter for enterprises and individuals

Bauhinia is a brand of Hong Kong's Yee Ink Company. It has 3 subsidiaries in the mainland, that is, 3 production plants, namely Bauhinia Ink (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Bauhinia Ink (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. and Bauhinia Ink ( Hebei) Co., Ltd. Among them, Bauhinia Ink (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. was established the earliest time in 1998; the other two were put into production in 2008.

,位列各品牌之首,产值超过14亿元 。 As of last year, the annual production and sales of Bauhinia in China reached more than 60,000 tons , ranking first among brands, with an output value of more than 1.4 billion yuan . About a third of the products on shelves in major supermarkets are filled with bauhinia ink. Our three factories have a total of about 900 employees, of which the Zhongshan factory has the largest number of about 400 and covers an area of 100 acres. At present, the production equipment in the factory has achieved high automation and intelligence.

Born in Kaiping, Jiangmen, Mr. Wu was an ordinary front-line employee of Hong Kong Ye ’s Chemical before coming to Zhongshan. 时,只是一家经销店,主要销售各种溶剂 ,后来转向生产和销售齐头并进,并逐渐发展壮大,于1991年成功上市 。 Yip ’s Chemicals is now quite large, but when Mr. Ye, the owner, founded “Yep ’s Hengchang” in the early 1970s, he was only a dealership that mainly sold a variety of solvents . Later, he turned to production and sales to go hand in hand and gradually grew , Successfully listed in 1991 . At that time, the Mainland's reform and opening-up policy had already been rolled out. Many Hong Kong businessmen went north to look for business opportunities. Ye's was one of them. In 1992, it opened factories in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and Zhongshan. At that time, Mr. Xie had been with Ye for more than 5 years, so in order to follow the company's pace, he often came from Hong Kong to travel in these 4 cities.

。 A few years after the company came to the Pearl River Delta to open a factory, business development has been very rapid, but with the development of the overall economy and industry adjustments, after 1997, four Ye's factories began to experience severe overcapacity .

At this time, Yep started to think about a question, should he open up new businesses, actively transform, and integrate into the general trend of economic development?

Yip noticed that one ink customer's sales grew very fast. Therefore, in 1998, Ye's ink was registered, and Bauhinia Ink (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. was put into production, producing Bauhinia brand ink. It was also from that time that Mr. Xun officially started working in Zhongshan and walked on both holidays.

Twenty years later, Mr. Xun recalled that he had made this decision. His family was opposed because after all, he was married and the transportation was not so convenient. The family did not want him to work so hard and had so little time at home.

Mr. Tong said, "If there is no historical opportunity for reform and opening up, the company ’s newly developed ink business will not develop so fast, and my personal career path may not reach today's heights. Moreover, the transportation is so convenient today. The land is very convenient. Over the past 20 years, I have also fully adapted to the pace of work and life in Zhongshan, and maybe live here after retirement. "

"Environmental protection" becomes a breakthrough for development

At the beginning of reform and opening up, the slogan “Time is money, efficiency is life” shouted by Shenzhen Shekou once resounded throughout China. Although the style of doing things was slightly different between Cantonese and Hong Kong people at the time, the former was more tortuous and the latter was more direct, but the partners were very caring. I always felt that everyone was a booming entrepreneurial scene, so they started quickly.

原本以为吸纳了专业人才后,再加上在溶剂行业的积淀和供应商优势,应该在油墨行业不会遇到太大困难。 At the stage of market development, the most impressive thing about 邝 is the initial "interlaced as a mountain": originally thought that after absorbing professional talents, coupled with accumulation in the solvent industry and supplier advantages, it should not encounter too much in the ink industry. Great difficulty.

Who knows, in the first two years of entry, it has been difficult to develop ink technology and market development, which once made Ye's doubt about his transformation.

Mr. Xu recalled: Once, we talked about cooperation with a Japanese-funded company. In order to negotiate, we set up a "investment certificate" and said that we can sell 6,000 tons a year. As a result, the other party felt that we were bragging, let alone cooperation Chances are up. He may have never imagined that in the ten years of rapid economic development, our annual output has been ten times that promised that year, reaching 60,000 tons. Therefore, if it is not for the large market in the Mainland and Hong Kong alone, I am afraid that many enterprises will find it difficult to achieve such a speed of development.

How did you find a breakthrough then?

Mr. Xuan believed that 2008 was a crucial year. In this year, Bauhinia seized the opportunity of environmental protection and opened the road to benzene ink.

Prior to this, Bauhinia belonged to a common member of many ink companies, and its development also depended on the overall prosperity of the ink industry. 开始成为人们和政府日益关心的一个话题,尤其对化工企业更是如此。 Later, Bauhinia sensitively captured that "environmental protection" began to become a topic of increasing concern to people and the government, especially for chemical companies. 。 As a result, Bauhinia started a "de-benzene" project .

It should be known that before that, toluene has been an important solvent in inks, with good performance and low price, and many countries and regions have not banned it. The Bauhinia decided to actively raise the environmental protection standard and completely remove the toluene in the ink through the adjustment of the solvent ratio . ,但如果能够提高环保标准,并且得到消费者认可的话,是值得的。 Although this will increase the cost by about 3% to 5% , it is worthwhile if the environmental protection standards can be raised and recognized by consumers. After more than a year of hard work, the "De-Benzene" project was successfully completed in 2008. That year, the "Benzene-free" products went on the market and the market response was very good.

。 It was also two years before and after that that the new Bauhinia Zhongshan factory and the Zhejiang Tongxiang and Hebei Cangzhou factories were put into production one after another. The annual sales growth of the entire ink business reached 40% . By 2010, annual sales had reached 30,000 tons.

Under the general trend, product innovation and production innovation advance simultaneously

。 Now the government encourages innovation. Over the years, accumulation and breakthroughs in environmental protection are the biggest innovations of Bauhinia ink. Another innovation is intelligent transformation .

When Bauhinia Ink was first founded, Mr. Xu went to Europe and the United States to investigate and found that people had achieved a high degree of automation and intelligence, and there was still a large gap between domestic enterprises. In the past seven or eight years, the three factories of Bauhinia Ink have become very intelligent. The production process from feeding, production to packaging is fully automated, so the number of employees in Bauhinia Ink is not large. This is production efficiency and production. Quality innovation is also the current trend of "smart manufacturing".

China is now working hard to promote further reform and opening up from the central to local levels. Mr. Tong said that Bauhinia inks still have to play the "Environmental Protection" brand, which is also one of the core hard strengths of ink companies.

。 With the advancement of national environmental protection policies and the investment of Bauhinia ink in research and development, the latest technology reserve of Bauhinia ink is water-based ink .

Compared with foreign markets, the domestic market has higher requirements for inks, which not only require bright colors, but also require more color divisions, and be accurate. 。 For example, if Bauhinia Ink works with Master Kong, there will be a Master Kong red . Bright and stable colors will involve the performance of various solvents, and more environmentally friendly water-based inks are generally inferior to oil-based inks in performance. This requires us to overcome this problem when developing water-based inks.

” In terms of current achievements, Mr. Tong said, "Bauhinia has initially completed its technical accumulation, and has also participated in the formulation of the national standard for water-based inks. Further improvement. Water-based inks can be counted as our current accumulation of bauhinia and a positive response to the trend of environmental protection. "

[DuPont will build a special material manufacturing base in East China]

DuPont recently announced that it will build a new manufacturing base in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu, with an investment of US $ 80 million. 等产品,服务于交通、电子、工业和消费品市场的客户。 The new base is mainly used to produce engineering plastics, lubricants and adhesives , and serves customers in the transportation, electronics, industrial and consumer markets. The project is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2020, and the expansion will be completed in 2023.


Beauty designer builds "Chinese core"

,带领其团队成功运行我国自主设计的第一台乙烯压缩机,打破了国外长达数十年的技术垄断。 Jiang Yan , deputy chief designer of Shenyang Blower Design Institute, led her team to successfully run the first ethylene compressor designed by China, breaking the decades-long technology monopoly in foreign countries.


In the past, because of the lack of technology in the field of ethylene compressors in China, we can only produce them from abroad. ,在这等核心设备上受制于人,无疑对于我国国计民生都极为不利。 However, as a big country using ethylene, China's annual consumption accounts for 40% of the world's total consumption. Subjecting to such core equipment is undoubtedly extremely detrimental to our national economy and people's livelihood.

! The research and development results of Jiang Yan and related staff finally broke through the foreign monopoly and successfully replaced the "Chinese core" for China's ethylene production machinery and equipment! 的生产能力。 China not only has the ability to independently develop ethylene compressors, but also has a production capacity of 1.4 million tons .

New species ECO-sustainable RFID tag technology

Recently, Stora Enso launched a new sustainable RFID (radio frequency identification) tag technology-ECO ™ by Stora Enso, designed to enhance the functionality of smart packaging in supply chain, retail and e-commerce applications. 的RFID标签成为可能,为智能包装提供无塑料、可回收的解决方案。 This technology makes it possible to use paper- based RFID tags to provide plastic-free, recyclable solutions for smart packaging.


来生产,与传统塑料标签相比,前者能够为注重可持续发展的B2B公司带来更低的碳足迹。 Stora Enso's ECO technology enables RFID tags to be produced using 100% wood fiber-based paper . Compared with traditional plastic tags, the former can bring a lower carbon footprint for sustainable B2B companies.

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