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Double-axis solvent-free laminating machine LM-SF1300T

Release time: 2015-10-28 11:10:26

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Validity period: long-term

Product Image: Double-axis solvent-free laminating machine LM-SF1300T

Features of the double-shaft solvent-free composite machine (LM-SF1300T):

• Humanized design, easy to operate and clean

• Dual-axis non-stop rotation design minimizes waste

• Five-roller gluing system for more precise control of coating volume

• Three-roller laminating system

• Simple HMI operation

• Ten Taiwan Solpower servo motors

• Five-stage tension with one release, two releases, rewinding, oven, and draw-out

• Energy saving and environmental protection, the electricity fee is 1 minute / ㎡ (the site speed, temperature, and local electricity fees vary)

Advantages: Independently control the glue application system and the automatic material receiving system without stopping the material collection, which can increase and reduce waste during material replacement