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exclusive! Aerospace Huayang 20th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Demonstration
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Wenzhou Junchuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

《包装前沿》范军红 韩珞琳 Text: "Front of Packaging" Fan Junhong Han Hanlin

On October 22, Xi'an, the autumn was high.

在西安顺利召开,本次活动是航天华阳拟在软包装行业大展拳脚的里程碑。 Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Company's 20th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Demonstration Conference were successfully held in Xi'an. This event is a milestone for Aerospace Huayang's planned exhibition in the flexible packaging industry.

50 0余位嘉宾 参加。 About 500 guests from the flexible packaging industry from all over the country were invited to the event . The activity is divided into two major sections, the morning is a live equipment demonstration activity, and the afternoon is a technical exchange activity.

Live Demo




Demonstration site


Ge Zhaoming, General Manager of Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Company, presided over the event


Speech by Liu Zhirang, President of the Sixth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation


Speech by Ms. Liu Hao, Chief Engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee for Civil-Military Integration


Speech by Zhang Chi, Director of Xi'an Municipal Civil-Military Integration Office


Customer Representative Lei Yi, General Manager of Nantong Global Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd.


Speech by Mr. Chu Tingliang, Executive Vice Chairman of China Printing Technology Association

长胜纺织科技发展(上海)有限公司、上海出版印刷高等专科学校、爱普生(中国)有限公司、常州速固得感光新材料有限公司 举行了 战略合作 的签约仪式。 After the speech by the leader, a signing ceremony was held on site. The relevant leaders of Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Changsheng Textile Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. Changzhou Sugude Photosensitive New Material Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation . 河南日报报业集团大龙印务有限公司、广东聚石化学股份有限公司 举行了 销售合同 的签约仪式。 Then, the signing ceremony of the sales contract was held with Henan Daily Newspaper Group Dalong Printing Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Jushi Chemical Co. , Ltd. Finally, relevant leaders came to power and held a device demonstration launching ceremony.


Sign on-site


Event launching ceremony

After the opening ceremony, we started the equipment demonstration that everyone was looking forward to.

The first demonstration was a CINOVA satellite flexo press

CINOVA卫星式柔印机演示:400m/min高速下,不停机换料 1. Demonstration of CINOVA satellite flexo printing machine: at high speed of 400m / min, the material can be changed without stopping.

CINOVA satellite flexo printing machine with a width of 1270mm and a printing film of 18umOPP film. Its main highlights are:

。 1) The dynamic performance of the mandrel is improved, and the repeated positioning accuracy of the pressure regulating mechanism is improved . Through these improvements, the structural rigidity and stability of the entire printing department are improved, which provides a reliable basis for high-speed equipment operation.

,该系统可有效解决高速运转中芯轴发热带来的印刷压力变化、干版等问题; 2) The constant temperature system of the printing department has been added , which can effectively solve the problems of printing pressure change and dry plate caused by the heating of the mandrel during high-speed operation;

3)   ,通过此两功能的实现,可大大减少新订单开机调整时间及材料的浪费; Added automatic pressure pre-adjustment and color registration pre-adjustment functions . The realization of these two functions can greatly reduce the time for new order startup adjustment and waste of materials;

4)   ,此功能可有效改善高速印刷时由于印刷图案产生的芯轴振动现象,减少条杠问题的发生; Torque feed-forward and speed adaptive functions are added to the control. This function can effectively improve the mandrel vibration caused by the printed pattern during high-speed printing and reduce the occurrence of bar problems.

5)   ,通过此功能的使用,可解决不同印刷速度时印刷压力微小变化的问题,减少色差; Optimized the automatic compensation of printing pressure . By using this function, the problem of small changes in printing pressure at different printing speeds can be solved, and the color difference can be reduced;

6)   ,以便于生产管理或远程维护;也可以通过手机端查看设备实时运行状况,以及进行上位机通讯,为工业4.0打下基础。 Cinova can be remotely accessed through the Internet to retrieve equipment operating parameters to facilitate production management or remote maintenance. It can also view the real-time operating status of the equipment through mobile phones and communicate with the host computer to lay the foundation for Industry 4.0.


Scan the code to watch the live demo video:



Flexo sample

2.HYG—1001250 plastic gravure printing machine demonstration


,现场演示的薄膜是19um的BOPP薄膜,是华阳针对软包装行业专门研发生产的电子轴印刷机, 采用 双工位放料双工位收卷方式,能够不停机接换料, 加热采用减风增浓系统。 Huayang HYG-1001250 plastic gravure printing machine demonstrated on site. The film demonstrated on the site is a 19um BOPP film. It is an electronic shaft printing machine specially developed and produced by Huayang for the flexible packaging industry . , Can be connected without changing the material, heating using air reduction and thickening system.

The device's overprint accuracy reaches ≤ ± 0.1mm in longitudinal direction (automatic registration system tracking), ≤ ± 0.1mm in transverse direction (automatic registration system tracking), the maximum mechanical speed is 300m / min, and it can reach 250 m / min during live demonstration.

The equipment runs smoothly and the noise is low, below 85dB, which demonstrates the strong technical strength of Aerospace Huayang. It is worth paying special attention that the equipment hot air circulation system uses natural gas heating, low noise, low energy consumption fan to supply air, secondary return air, fan frequency conversion control, and with cold air box, using air knife type nozzle, opening and closing are driven by the cylinder.

According to reports, the machine has a wide range of printing, and can print BOPP 12-60µm, PET 10-60µm, BOPA 15-60µm, LDPE 35-100µm and other film materials.


Gravure samples on site

According to reports, the aircraft also has the following highlights:

Double unwinding shaft is driven by independent frequency conversion motor;

Floating roller tension detection system;

Independent tension closed-loop control;

Automatically calculate the roll diameter, automatically alarm when the setting is reached, remind the roll change;

The clutch and the pressure of the flexible roller are adjusted by pneumatic components;

The swing roller tension detection participates in closed-loop control, and the feedback signal is sent by the linear potentiometer;

Equipped with static elimination device (static brush);

The printing plate roller adopts shaftless pneumatic plate loading, which has high plate changing efficiency. The horizontal installation of the scale can ensure the initial position of the plate roller is uniform;

Each color printing plate roller is driven by a servo motor;

Double-sided adjustable guide rollers can correct the slight deviations of the material film and the plate roller, and there are indication hand wheels for easy adjustment;

The pressing structure of the embossing roller is a swing-arm type, which ensures that the change in the length of the material caused by the pressing and rising is minimized;

The embossing roller is of the through shaft type, which can be replaced quickly, and the embossing roller can be locked when the machine is stopped;

When the pressure rollers are pressed together, it will automatically operate in sequence.

The scraper device is a box-type scraper with three-direction adjustment structure to create the best scraper position and angle;

The ink supply method is the transfer roller method, the cylinder is outside the wall plate, and the transmission is adjusted by a separate frequency conversion motor;

The ink fountain is self-returning open, and it can be adjusted manually by lifting up and down.

3. Demonstration of heavy-duty film printing folding and embossing machine



4, JMTB-1100 carbon ribbon coating machine 300m / min automatic shutdown demonstration without stopping

The width of the equipment is 1.1m, the running speed is 300m / min, and the substrate is coated with PET. This equipment uses natural gas heating, which can save 30% ~ 40% of operating costs compared with traditional electric heating and oil heating.

The equipment adopts anilox roller coating. It is equipped with two anilox roller coating units. The first coating unit is equipped with a closed doctor blade and the second coating unit is equipped with a doctor blade cart. Achieve direct or indirect coating.

The device has two main highlights:

1. Suitable for thin substrates, high-speed operation, stable and reliable, can be directly coated on 4.5um PET;

2. It can cut automatically at high speed.

Live demonstration of high-speed automatic cutting.

After the equipment operating speed was first increased to 200m / min, the unwinding of 200m / min unwinding was first demonstrated. Unwinding unit adopts double station disc form.

Then demonstrated 300m / min non-stop receiving material.

When the equipment is running at high speed, the thin material runs extremely smoothly and the tension is very stable.

Unwinding at full speed without stopping the material successfully demonstrated.

The next step is to demonstrate full-speed rewinding.

The entrance of the winding unit is equipped with an active flattening roller and has two working modes: pressure mode and gap mode.

The rewinding unit is also equipped with a built-in pressure roller to prevent the film from deviating when running at high speed. There are two types of rewinding taper attenuation modes, one is linear attenuation and the other is curve attenuation.

Seeing is believing, directly watch the JMTB-1100 ribbon coating machine 300m / min automatic shutdown video:

Scan the code to watch the live demo video:


5. Demonstration of intelligent multifunctional precision coating pilot line



Technology Exchange

Afternoon technical exchange activities were held at Tianyufield International Hotel in Shaanxi.


Wang Yang, Editor-in-chief of CIFLEXO TECH, talks about the rapid development of flexo printing technology and the development of satellite flexo printing presses

,柔印的色域比凹印的色域小,因此在实地印刷上比凹印逊色,在演讲中,王总重点介绍了柔印扩大色域的解决办法: Editor Wang first introduced the difference between flexo and gravure. Their fundamental differences are in the number of plate lines and color gamut . The color gamut of flexo is smaller than the color gamut of gravure, so it is inferior to gravure on the field. In his speech, President Wang focused on the solution of flexo to expand the color gamut :

问题; 1. Solve the problem of on-site printing by adjusting the flexo prepress and printing plate;

2. Ink solution, improve the high-concentration chromaticity, resolubility, leveling, solvent residual performance and drying gradient of the ink;

3. Anilox roller solution: use anilox roller with high line count and high ink volume;

,采用新的雕刻技术; 4. The solution of high-gloss printing plate adopts new engraving technology;

5, the solution of the middle tone: (1) screening, (2) matte surface, (3) side control technology.

Then Mr. Wang introduced the development trend of global satellite flexo presses in 2019: high speed, stability, fast replacement, and intelligence.

1. High-speed printing can improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce investment, reduce enterprise personnel investment, and save energy consumption.

The related technologies include: servo drive technology; fast speed up and down and maintain the accuracy of color registration, such as direct drive using a central impression roller; use of a closed ink chamber system to prevent flying ink problems at high speed; larger perimeter network Anilox roller to reduce the speed of anilox roller and prevent the anilox roller from being scratched.

2. The stable manufacturing of the printing press is to make up for the problem that the flexographic printing plate rolls easily, and it is the basis for the high-speed operation of the printing press.

Related technologies include: thickened wallboard or monolithic wallboard; carbon fiber mandrel; low damping color group pressure control; printing plate roller drive motor torque pre-adjustment;

3. Quick replacement can significantly improve the operating efficiency of the printing press and respond to more and more personalized orders and small orders in the market.

Related technologies include: sleeve printing plate rolls and sleeve anilox rolls; quick-change blade racks; ink fast cleaning system; ink automatic viscosity, pH value, temperature control system; automatic pressure, automatic color registration system ; Color matching center; robot system; equipment miniaturization.

4. Intelligence is to further improve efficiency, reduce wear and tear and respond to skills shortages of skilled workers.

Related technologies include: Industry 4.0; Print Quality Inspection System; Cloud Data; Intelligent Analysis of Order Production Management Data; Video Image Recognition; Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to Assist Remote After-Sales Service.


Mr. Li Long, Director of the Flexographic Research Institute of Huayang Company, gave a lecture on "Leading Innovation, Pushing Iteratively Iteratively"

In 2004, Huayang Company and Italy's Flexo Gounp Company reached an agreement to produce satellite flexographic printing presses, and subsequently launched the first satellite flexographic printing press in China. Over the years, Huayang has continuously innovated independently, has the courage to make breakthroughs, and has taken the lead in flexo printing.


塑料软包卫星式柔版印刷机的性能及技术优势。 Director Li introduced the technical achievements in the field of flexo printing in Huayang in detail, and introduced the performance and technical advantages of the newly launched "CINOVA-F" plastic soft-pack satellite flexographic printing machine.

采用成套控制及伺服驱动系统,并集结了华阳以下技术: "CINOVA-F" adopts a complete set of control and servo drive system, and integrates the following technologies of Huayang:

• Anilox roller and printing plate adopt cantilever beam sleeve structure

• Constant temperature controlled central impression cylinder

• Stable, easy to replace closed ink chamber

• Rewinding and rewinding without stopping the machine (auxiliary roll-up platform mechanism)

• Production order management system

• Convenient pre-registration system

• Servo pressure control and pre-adjustment system

• Variable frequency adjustable hot air drying system

• Ink line control and automatic cleaning system

• Volatile gas collection device

• System failure automatic monitoring system

• Remote diagnosis and maintenance system

塑料软包卫星式柔版印刷机可印刷 OPP、PE、PET、透气膜等材料,印刷宽度800~1600mm,最高机械速度450m/min(印刷速度因工艺条件而不同),可采用天然气、蒸汽、热油、电加热等多种干燥方式,并可选配电晕处理装置、油墨粘度自动控制、分切、印刷质量缺陷检测处理等,可广泛应用于塑料软包装、透气膜、无纺布等领域。 "CINOVA-F" plastic soft-pack satellite flexographic printing machine can print OPP, PE, PET, breathable film and other materials, printing width 800 ~ 1600mm, maximum mechanical speed 450m / min (printing speed varies depending on process conditions), can It adopts various drying methods such as natural gas, steam, hot oil, electric heating, etc., and can choose distribution halo treatment device, automatic control of ink viscosity, slitting, and printing quality defect detection processing. It can be widely used in plastic flexible packaging, breathable film, Non-woven fabrics and other fields.


Han Jian, deputy general manager of Huayang, lectures on "the future of the packaging industry-digital printing"

Mr. Han first introduced the application status and development trend of digital printing, and analyzed the main factors that the Chinese market can support the development of digital printing, including:

Huge consumer market

High-end equipment manufacturing level;

Adequate supporting capabilities;

The increase in the amount of use will further reduce the cost of stimulation and promote each other. It can replace traditional printing in certain areas.

Especially under the conditions that the printing process meets, when printing small orders of kilometers and 10,000 meters, the advantages of digital printing are obvious.

President Han believes that digital printing presses suitable for the packaging industry should meet at least the following conditions:

650mm width can be suitable for packaging field (suitable model);

Multi-color printing at once, multiple sets of overprint (printing effect);

Cost-effective EPSON fifth-generation micro-piezo print head (input cost);

Open ink supply system (cost of use).

可用于彩盒、药包、标签及印刷书刊等。 Based on an in-depth understanding of digital printing applications, Huayang has developed the HY-650 color digital printing machine, which can be used in color boxes, medicine bags, labels and printed books. President Han introduced the performance and application prospects of this device in detail.


HY-330 front and back digital inkjet printer


Ni Jun, Director of Flexographic Ink Products, DIC China, lectures on “Working with DIC to contribute to a sustainable society”

Mr. Ni first introduced the performance and application points of several new products that comply with environmental protection requirements of DIC, including flexo printing inks that support flexible packaging and printing composites, GPL / SUNESTER high-density and low-viscosity flexo printing inks, and introduced Requirements for inks in the era of high-speed printing.

In the era of circular economy, DIC has also developed an oxygen barrier coating (SunBar) solution   , Can achieve lightweight packaging, extend the shelf life, and achieve plastic reduction.

SunBar series barrier coatings can provide excellent product performance and environmental protection, improve oxygen barrier (other gases) and extend the shelf life, block aroma and odor (mineral oil), lightweight packaging, can replace metal-containing materials, increase Packaging recyclability reduces costs and increases revenue.