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Medical plastic star exhibits bloom, hi-tech shines at CHINAPLAS 2019!
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Wenzhou Junchuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

个世界首富的产业,生物产业一直是各地竞相发展的热门 领域 As one of the country's strategic emerging industries, it is also predicted to produce the next richest industry in the world, and the biological industry has always been a hot area of competition for development everywhere . In recent years, local governments have successively introduced relevant policies to attract and encourage enterprises to move forward. From the two-vote system, the registrant system, medical device approval procedures, medical reform policies, and financial incentives, domestic medical devices and innovative devices have grown rapidly. In addition, at the beginning of 2019, three cross-industry giants Baidu, Tencent and Huawei announced their entry into the medical device market. The giants brought capital and technology into the bureau, which is expected to promote the development of the industry. However, compared with developed countries, China's high-end medical devices still have huge room for growth in terms of R & D, innovation, product quality, and scale of enterprise development.

In response to the rapidly growing medical plastics market demand, more and more rubber and plastics suppliers are engaged in the medical field with great potential and high value. "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" focuses on "smart manufacturing, high-tech materials, environmental protection and recyclable solutions", connects upstream and downstream enterprises, and makes great efforts to help create a new trend of "safety, precision manufacturing, small and portable" in the medical industry.


High-tech materials promote innovation in medical industry

Medical device products have high requirements on the quality of raw materials, precision manufacturing, and a variety of requirements, and the technological advancement of upstream industries directly affects the technological trend of medical devices and their R & D and innovation capabilities. Medical materials are developing in the direction of safer and environmental protection, and biocompatible and degradable materials have become hotspots; the functionality of materials has become more and more important.

最近研发的产品TIPP,根据最新的聚合成型技术来设计生产,为高透明性和高抗冲的结合体,具有和无规共聚聚丙烯一样的透明度和抗冲强度,还有与嵌段聚丙烯一样的超强抗白化性能。 TIPP's recently developed product TIPP is designed and produced according to the latest polymer molding technology. It is a combination of high transparency and high impact resistance. It has the same transparency and impact strength as random copolymer polypropylene. Super strong anti-whitening performance like polypropylene. TIPP is suitable for transparent applications or mixed with masterbatch for high-gloss products, such as transparent containers, transparent films , medical syringes and medical infusion bags, infusion bottles, etc. for injection molding or blow molding processes. The product will be unveiled globally at CHINAPLAS 2019. Lotte Chemical's safe and clean high-performance health and health solutions will also meet with visitors at the exhibition. This material can develop a variety of medical products that meet the suitability of the human body, while retaining the product's excellent chemical resistance and impact strength. , With strict international medical certification.

Needleless connectors have become a new trend in infusion medical devices. Needle-free joint valve is an elastic joint made of silicone. It needs to be closely fitted and assembled with plastic parts on the outer wall, and repeatedly inserted and removed during use. Therefore, self-lubricating performance becomes particularly important. Momentive will introduce medical grade self-lubricating liquid silicone at the show, which can help needleless connector manufacturers to achieve perfect assembly and repeated insertion and removal performance.

、PPSU以其优异的耐腐蚀、高纯度、高强度、透X光、质轻、耐高温蒸汽反复消毒、生物相容性好等特性优点,在医疗领域发挥不可替代的作用。 PEEK and PPSU play an irreplaceable role in the medical field due to their excellent corrosion resistance, high purity, high strength, X-ray transmission, light weight, repeated high temperature steam sterilization, and good biocompatibility. Jiangsu Junhua extended the application of PEEK and PPSU materials in medical devices to: automatic surgical robots, external fixation brackets, intramedullary nail surgical sights, skull surgical sights, PEEK dental instruments, surgical aids, joint surgery instruments, and medical testing Equipment, 3D printing, surgical beds and other medical accessories, and provide comprehensive technical solutions for the development and production of new orthopedic medical special plastic products.


Intelligent manufacturing accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the medical industry

Medical equipment is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive, and capital-intensive high-tech industry. It combines various high-tech achievements and combines traditional industries with high-tech such as biomedical engineering, electronic information technology and modern medical imaging technology. Barriers and high concentration are one of the criteria for measuring a country's manufacturing and high-tech development level. With the advancement of "Made in China 2025", the manufacturing capabilities of China's precision manufacturing and mechatronics equipment have increased, driving the medical device industry to flourish.

The medical industry has high requirements for product precision and environmental cleanliness. Foshan Baojie Precision JE series precision automatic injection molding machine has fast, stable, energy-saving, clean, precision and other performances. It has no hydraulic oil leakage and oil leakage, which is more suitable for the production requirements of clean workshop environment for packaging of medical equipment and medical consumables. It can also cooperate more widely with unmanned, automated and intelligent production conditions.

The medical puncture needle mold is a precision injection mold, and the product must contact the human body, so the product inspection requirements are very strict. 届展会上, 江天科技将带来亚洲首发的穿刺针全热Side Gate模具。 At this exhibition, Jiangtian Technology will bring the first hot side gate mold for puncture needles in Asia. This set of mold steel is made of German 2083 steel. The mold has low thermal deformation and excellent discharge. It adopts a new technology 48-hole full hot runner side gate system. The core and cavity of the product can be matched.

With the popularization of interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, the demand for precision medical catheters is increasing. As an industry leader in the field of polymer processing, Davis-Standard understands the extrusion needs of the global medical tubing market; strict tolerances, high speeds, and clean rooms. Special equipment, as well as in-depth process support, can design excellent turnkey extrusion systems according to product requirements. Its Connecticut laboratory supports the development of new medical tubing applications such as microporous, multi-lumen, and tapered tubing, as well as the ability to process tubing using alternative polymers.

The improvement of people's living standards and health awareness, the demand for home medical equipment is considerable, many tests and treatments, patients do not need to go to the hospital, can be completed directly at home. Therefore, miniaturization and portability of "mobile medical care" have become the industry's development trend. The development of minimally invasive medical and precision medical requires correspondingly more compact device design and flexible operation. With the development of precision instruments, the welding process is becoming more and more demanding, especially medical products with small dimensions, thin walls and high assembly accuracy requirements. Branson's GSX platform provides advanced control and precise positioning of a mechatronic control system using pressure stepping. Stronger process control performance and higher energy delivery capabilities ensure high-quality welding, reduce scrap rates, and help increase production.


“医用塑料汇”网罗兼具前沿与实用的解决方案 Concurrent Activities- "Medical Plastics" is a collection of cutting-edge and practical solutions

In order to give medical device, consumable and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers a one-stop understanding of the most cutting-edge solutions, the organizers of the exhibition put on a major event-"Medical Plastics". The event consists of four major parts: "Medical Plastics Forum", "Medical Plastics Products Exhibition", "Medical Plastics Guide" and "Medical Plastics Guided Tour". Together with well-known exhibitors in the industry, industry associations and leading medical device manufacturing companies, the event will create high efficiency Communication platform.

After diligently studying market needs, the organizer prepared two parts for the "Medical Plastics Forum". 、酷捷干冰等知名企业,讨论的议题将包括:“聚合物医疗器械产品灭菌”、“路博润医用聚氨酯产品在高风险类医疗器械中的应用”、“使用通用数据进行注塑工艺重新验证”、“超声波塑料焊接常见问题”、“创新型润滑系列液态硅胶及其在无针接头终端应用优势”、“普立万在医疗耗材上的聚合物材料解决方案”“LUVOCOM®高性能化合物在医疗技术中心的应用”、“干冰清洗技术在医疗器械行业的创新应用”等,演讲企业嘉宾及议题持续更新中,敬请关注。 The first part connects the upstream and downstream production chains: Branson, RJG, Johnson & Johnson, Momentive, PolyOne, Lubrizol, Leifusi , Kujie Dry Ice and other well-known enterprises. The topics discussed will include: "Polymer medical device products Sterilization "," Application of Lubrizol Medical Polyurethane Products in High-Risk Medical Devices "," Revalidation of Injection Process Using General Data "," Frequently Asked Questions on Ultrasonic Plastic Welding "," Innovative Lubrication Series Liquid Silicone and Its Advantages in the application of needle-free connector terminals "," Polywan's polymer material solutions for medical consumables "" Application of LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds in medical technology centers "," Innovative applications of dry ice cleaning technology in the medical device industry " Please wait for the continuous updates of the guest speakers and issues. http://www.ChinaplasOnline.com/Medical19 . The pre-registration of the Medical Plastics Open Forum is now open, please register now: http://www.ChinaplasOnline.com/Medical19 .

坛”。 The second part of the forum was the "Second Biomedical 3D Printing Development Summit ". 3D printing technology plays a very important role in promoting precision surgery and personalized medicine. Biomedicine is considered to be one of the most promising fields of application in the 3D printing industry. It has been favored by medical experts in orthopaedics, oral cavity, rehabilitation, etc. Attention of scientific researchers and enterprises. In order to accelerate the popularization and application of 3D printing technology in the biomedical field, the forum will invite scientific research institutions, universities, medical institutions and enterprises to guide the industrial policy of medical 3D printing technology and new materials, the latest technology development and path, industry development and Conduct in-depth discussions on application status and business model innovation.

The meeting was chaired by Jiang Wenbo, executive deputy director of the 3D Printing Center of the Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University. Lu Jian, member of the French National Academy of Science and Technology / Vice President of the City University of Hong Kong, will launch "2-3-4D printing and application prospects in medical fields" 2. Yang Yongqiang, Professor of South China University of Technology / President of Guangdong Additive Manufacturing Association, expounded "3D printing changes the future", Professor Huang Wenhua of Southern Medical University introduced "Medical 3D Printing Technology Platform Establishment and Application", General Manager of Shanghai Black Flame Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Lu Yidong brought "Black Flame Medical to promote the clinical application of medical 3D printing technology", Liu Zhiping, Sales Director of GE Additive Manufacturing South China, introduced "GE Additive to help the development of additive manufacturing in medical applications", Huang Guozhi, Dean of the School of Rehabilitation Explaining "the application and practice of the concept of intelligent 3D printing in cloud computing in rehabilitation medicine" shared by Liao Weiming, chief physician of joint surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, "the clinical application of 3D printing technology for accurate placement of acetabular prostheses in hip replacement ", The deputy director of the third external department of Lecong Hospital, Guangzhou Medical University, brought “3D printed internal fixation surgery for distal intra-articular fractures of the extremities with high success rate”, Zhang Chongfeng, Business Development Manager of WACKER Chemical (China) Co., Ltd., shared “Innovative WACKER Chemical ACEO 3D printing solutions”, the forum will also Start a "high-end conversation: whether 3D printed medical applications are not popular enough or have been overhyped and how to develop healthily."

"Medical Plastic Products Exhibition" will focus on the display of the latest medical plastic technology or materials produced by a variety of medical products, a wide range, visitors can also use the attached two-dimensional code to instantly understand the relevant technical information and exhibitor location, convenient and accurate visits. The “Medical Plastic Guided Tour” event will continue to lead visitors to the booths of well-known medical plastic technology suppliers, and communicate directly with technical staff to provide solutions in real time. "Medical Plastics Guide" featured exhibits introduction, medical plastics solution exhibitor list, feature articles, etc. The guide will be uploaded to the official website in mid-April, so please pay close attention to downloading and develop visit routes.

台橡、三菱化学、凯柏胶宝、 海天国际、伊之密、克劳斯玛菲、阿博格、恩格尔、 富强鑫、雅琪、美好创亿 等,为全球买家带来领先的塑料机械、材料及技术解决方案。 As the “CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition”, which goes hand in hand with the German K Show, it will return to Yangcheng on May 21-24, 2019, and will be held at the Guangzhou · Pazhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex. The 250,000 square meter exhibition area brings together more than 3,500 leading exhibitors from around the world, including BASF, DuPont, Taiju, Wanhua, Momentive, Milliken, LG, TSRC, Mitsubishi Chemical, KRAIBURG TPE, Haitian International, Yizumi, KraussMaffei, Aberger, Engel, Fuqiangxin, Accel, MiChuang Yi, etc., bring leading plastic machinery, materials and technology solutions to global buyers.

The exhibition is expected to attract more than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions to create a feast of rubber and plastic innovation that unites global resources. Previous exhibitions have attracted star buyers from the medical industry: Medtronic, Siemens, MicroPort, Mindray, Baxter, Weigao, Yangpu, Conrad, Kai Li, Lily, Philips Vikon, Camel, Guangzhou Bain Medical Wait.

The pre-registration of the exhibition is in progress! 上午10时 前完成预先登记,可享人民币50元(四天票)的优惠。 Visitors who have completed pre-registration before 10:00 a.m. on May 14, 2019 , can enjoy a discount of RMB 50 (four-day ticket). www.ChinaplasOnline.com/prereg 预先登记成为观众。 Please visit www.ChinaplasOnline.com/prereg to register in advance as a viewer. www.ChinaplasOnline.com www. 中国橡塑展.com For more exhibition details, please visit the exhibition website www.ChinaplasOnline.com or www.Chinaplas.com .

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