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"Design x Innovation" upgrade again CHINAPLAS simultaneous activities will be declassified
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In the past year, the situation has changed. In an increasingly complicated living environment, how to keep pace with the times, gain a clearer insight into the industrial structure from a global perspective, grasp the market direction and technological innovation, and become a required course for industry professionals. Technology-led and innovation-driven industry development "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition", strive to create an international platform for high-tech release and exchange. This year's exhibition not only gathered more than 3,500 exhibitors to bring leading solutions to the rubber and plastics industry, the organizers also gained insight into the needs of the industry, and created a series of wonderful concurrent events intently before and during the exhibition.


"We saw that not only the supply and demand docking between exhibitors and visitors was set up at the exhibition, but also actively and openly shared innovation achievements, talked about hot topics, discussed industry trends and opportunities." Liang Yaqi, general manager of the exhibition organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. The lady said, "In addition to exhibiting innovative products and cutting-edge solutions with the world's leading exhibitors, the exhibition also organized a number of simultaneous events covering industrial design, circular economy, industry 4.0, medical plastics and other hot topics, in order to enrich the Content, more diversified forms, more open thinking, more grounded solutions, and explore how under the new situation, upstream and downstream cooperation can break through the growth dilemma of the enterprise and jointly empower the development of the rubber and plastics industry. "


With the acceleration of product iterations, the era of paying attention to environmental protection and lifestyle has arrived, and consumers have continuously improved product design requirements. More and more excellent industrial designs have entered the public's vision, and products with both stylish appearance, environmental protection concepts and innovative functions It has won the favor of the public, and the value of industrial design and its important CMF design has been further enhanced. The environmental protection design has attracted increasing attention in the world. Innovative material technology is providing strong and powerful support for emerging design inspiration. In view of this, "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" focuses on industrial design, and invited the Guangdong Industrial Design Association and the Hong Kong Design Center as co-organizers and supporting units to carefully craft the concurrent activities of the exhibition-the 5th "Design x Innovation" , To transform CHINAPLAS's strong resource advantage in the field of plastic technology into a creative source of product design. The three major programs that inspire product creativity are: "CMF Inspiration Library", "Design Forum" and "CHINAPLAS Designers Night".


灵感库”2018年首次亮相便收获好评无数,在上届活动中,源辉表面装饰科技有限公司的展示给观众留下深刻印象,被其丰富色彩所吸引,观众仔细观察并触摸感受了140余件压差披覆装饰技术DOD产品样本。 The "CMF Inspiration Library" made a lot of positive comments when it debuted in 2018. In the last event, the display of Yuanhui Surface Decoration Technology Co., Ltd. impressed the audience and was attracted by its rich colors. The audience carefully observed and touched the feelings. More than 140 samples of pressure-difference coating technology DOD products. 源辉 及今届新参与的普立万,将紧扣C-Color色彩、M-Material材料、F-Finish表面处理工艺三个范畴,在展会现场打造出带有丰富色彩、特色和质感的材料库藏,展品将呈现高光泽、极高透明度、仿造花岗岩、木材、织物、天然纤维纹理等外观效果,演示加上防污、防刮、通电发亮、活性阻隔等材料特性,摹拟石材、肤感等几可乱真的仿真触感,务求向观众展示塑料科技为CMF设计提供的丰富资源,助力设计师来一场革新产品设计的CMF灵感风暴。 This year's CMF inspiration library has returned with a good reputation. Covestro, Yuanhui and PolyOne, who are newly participating in this session, will closely focus on the three areas of C-Color color, M-Material material, and F-Finish surface treatment technology. A collection of materials with rich colors, characteristics and textures will be created on the site. The exhibits will show high-gloss, high transparency, imitating granite, wood, fabric, natural fiber texture and other appearance effects. Material characteristics such as bright and active barriers, imitating stone, skin feel and so on, can simulate the real sense of touch, in order to show the audience the rich resources provided by plastic technology for CMF design, and help designers to innovate product design CMF inspiration storm.


设计论坛”将开设三场分论坛,于展会第二天及第三天上午举行,其中两场延续去年备受瞩目的主题“CMF设计”,另一场则是响应展会焦点“环保科技”而新增的主题- “回收再生及可持续的环保设计”。 The " Design Forum" will open three sub-forums, which will be held on the second and third mornings of the exhibition. Two of them will continue last year's high-profile theme "CMF Design", and the other will respond to the exhibition focus "Environmental Technology" And the new theme-"Recycling and sustainable environmental design". The first batch of speakers has been announced. More than ten Chinese and foreign speakers include Outlet from Taiwan Creative Design Center, a well-known green beauty brand that is sustainable, Qimonda Seeds Co., Ltd., which is committed to solving environmental problems, and originated from Sweden in Hong Kong. The design experts of industrial design company C'monde Studios, the world's top art and design institution Poli.design of Milan Polytechnic University in Italy, the Institute of Industrial Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, the Hong Kong Low Carbon Design Association, and the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise pure rice technology will design experts Bring a feast of wisdom that inspires creative thinking to the audience.


The newly launched highlight – “CHINAPLAS Designers Night”, centering on the theme of “Unification • Creating Unbounded”, Plastic x Electronic Information Industry has a cross-border party, inviting product designers, engineers, product R & D personnel from electronics and related industries, Exhibitors, partners and more to play with design! The second night of the exhibition gathered at Langham Place, Nanfeng, Guangzhou, where they met inspirations, talked about fashion trends, and explored innovative materials and craftsmanship in a relaxed atmosphere.


x 创新”打造历年来最丰富内容,亮点纷呈,想要了解第一手材料,请关注活动官网: www.ChinaplasOnline.com/DXI "Design x Innovation" creates the richest content over the years, with many highlights. If you want to know the first-hand materials, please pay attention to the official website of the event: www.ChinaplasOnline.com/DXI


As the “CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition”, which goes hand in hand with the German K Show, it will return to Yangcheng on May 21-24, 2019, and will be held in the Guangzhou · Pazhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex. With more than 3,500 leading exhibitors, with an exhibition area of more than 250,000 square meters, it has created a feast of innovation in rubber and plastic for more than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions.


The pre-registration of the exhibition is in progress! Visitors have completed pre-registration before May 13, 2019, and can enjoy a discount of RMB 50 (four-day ticket)! www.ChinaplasOnline.com/prereg 预先登记成为观众。 Please visit www.ChinaplasOnline.com/prereg to register in advance as a viewer. www.ChinaplasOnline.com www. 中国橡塑展.com For more exhibition details, please visit the exhibition website www.ChinaplasOnline.com or www.Chinaplas.com .

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