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Common Quality Abnormalities in Gravure Printing and Solutions (26-30)
26. Thickening of printing ink In the long-term printing, the printing ink gradually loses fluidity, and the abnormal increase in viscosity causes the printing ink to freeze, and the subsequent use of residual ink is more difficult. Abnormal causes: 1. When the solvent in the printing ink is volatilized, it will generate dew and mix with the printing ink when it encounters low temperature outside the world (especially it is easy to print the ink with a small amount of consumption [detailed]
Common Quality Abnormalities in Gravure Printing and Solutions (21-25)
First, the ink layer after adhesion and reeling is attached to other contact surfaces (usually the reverse side of the original film) in the form of flakes or lines. Reasons: 1. The amount of ink is too large, and the drying efficiency of the equipment cannot keep up The wrong solvent or the wrong solvent ratio causes the printing ink to dry too slowly 3. The drying capacity is insufficient 4. The winding tension is too high [detailed]
Common Quality Abnormalities in Gravure Printing and Solutions (16-20)
16. Color shifting is a special form of poor register, but it is not the same as poor register. Poor registration means that a part or several parts have not been overprinted accurately; while channeling is that the overprinting is accurate, but it is good for a while, bad for a while, and intermittently good or bad. Causes of abnormalities: 1. Original membrane pine [detailed]
Common Quality Abnormalities in Gravure Printing and Solutions (11-15)
Eleven, the missing point is a pattern printed by superimposing two or more colors on a light net, and intermittent dotless ink-free transfers appear like a starry night sky. There are a few white spots here, and a few white spots there. Visually, there is often a lack of ink in the shape of a small circle, which is different from lack of ink and plugging. (Suppose there is one [detailed]
Common Quality Abnormalities in Gravure Printing and Solutions (6-10)
6. There are intermittent irregular boundary line marks in a certain color on the indentation graphic, with different shapes, varying thicknesses, different lengths, and uneven shades. Generally easy to appear in a large area of the ink volume of the unit color. Causes of abnormalities: 1. Excessive printing pressure 2. Ink viscosity is low 3. Blade is too flat (scraper [detailed]
Common Quality Abnormalities in Gravure Printing and Solutions (1-5)
As the saying goes, "Three points look, seven points dress up!" This is true of people, especially of objects. With the improvement of human living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the requirements for goods have also changed from the original single focus on the internal quality to the need to have both a strong internal quality and a beautiful appearance. Beautiful [detailed]
The rule of inking on high-speed gravure printing presses can be understood in four sentences
The inking law of gravure printing has one decisive factor and three related factors. The following are divided into four aspects. 1. The depth and lightness of the characters and patterns produced by the plate cylinder determine the amount of ink on the printed matter. That is, the characters and patterns of the plate cylinder are made deep, and the ink is printed on the print [detailed]
See how advanced the application of pre-registration technology in gravure printing machines!
The concept of pre-registration technology: First I will explain the concept of "pre-registration", so what is "pre-registration"? We believe that the printed materials are not stretched first, pre-installed, automatically pre-registered, horizontal alignment at startup, and vertical speed overprinting can be performed with vertical addressing. The pre-registration technology has the following in the gravure printing machine [detailed]
Common gravure printing press technical problems
Overprinting errors are mostly common defects in gravure printing. The phenomenon is that in the multi-color overprinting process, each color cannot completely overlap, and there is a certain error. The first aspect: the quality of personnel because of the overprinting error is objective, Require employees [detailed]
Seven innovative technologies of gravure printing machine
Gravure printing presses are widely used in the market, but because the printing industry is being washed away by the Internet tide, the printing press industry is accelerating to decline. The most effective solution to the decline is innovation. In the past two years, with domestic gravure printing [detailed]
Common problems and treatment methods in plastic gravure printing
Specializing in the production of composite flexible packaging, the printing effect is excellent! The composite flexible packaging needs to undergo printing, compounding, bag cutting and other processes, and is now specifically analyzed 1. The reasons for the scraper line or ink line are: scraper blade wear or dirt on the scraper blade; Impurities are mixed in; the ink fineness is not enough; the printing plate is not well polished [detailed]
Gravure printing in flexible packaging
China's flexible packaging gravure industry should be said to have flourished since the 1990s, and today it has a very clear division of regional and scale development. The more representative are packaging such as Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta. Printing base. The equipment owned by these enterprises is relatively advanced and technical and economical [detailed]
Overview of ESO (Energy Saving Optimization) Technology for Gravure Printing Machines
With the increase of various environmental protection restrictions on heating methods, the cost of corporate thermal energy is getting higher and higher. Coupled with the collection of VOCs emission fees and strict restrictions on excessive emissions, the environmental protection costs of packaging and printing companies are also increasing. Energy saving and emission reduction through technology upgrade has become the only way for enterprises, how to choose the appropriate [detailed]
Influence of temperature and humidity changes in production environment on printing and composite quality
The so-called seasonal climate change is the change of the two major indicators of environmental humidity and temperature. Generally speaking, during the spring and summer seasons, especially during the rainy season, the relative humidity in the air is relatively large and can even reach saturation. In autumn and winter, the air is dry and humidity is low; in terms of temperature, summer is much higher than winter, the maximum between the two [detailed]
How to effectively avoid color difference in flexible packaging printing
In the production of flexible packaging printing, color difference is an important and key content in the quality control of plastic flexible packaging printing process. How to ensure that in the printing process, the hue of a batch of prints or batches of prints is consistent, it is one of the most basic requirements in the quality management of flexible packaging production. It is also one of us
How to choose plastic film printing ink
The printing of plastic film is different from the printing of paper. In addition to the pretreatment mentioned above, another problem is that the surface of the film is smooth and the ink cannot penetrate. Although the surface of the paper looks smooth, its surface is actually not smooth, which can allow the ink to penetrate, which is beneficial to the rapidity of the ink [detailed]
Do you not know the anti-blocking knowledge of flexible packaging?
Adhesion is a kind of adhesion between contact layers of plastic film. There are two kinds of adhesion phenomena: one is that the printing surfaces are adhered to each other. The second is that the ink layer of the printed matter adheres to the other contact surface, or the ink adheres to the other contact surface. & nbs [detailed]
Development of alcohol-water-soluble environmentally friendly polyurethane ink connecting material
The properties of ink binders significantly affect various properties of printing inks. Polyurethane ink binder has the advantages of easy use, stable performance, strong adhesion, etc., and can be dissolved in alcohol, ester, ketone and other solvents or their mixed solvents, and has developed rapidly. With the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, seek low boiling point, low toxicity or non-toxic [detailed]
Method for reducing failure rate of poor ink adhesion fastness
Plastic printing and packaging is a highly professional technology. Plastic films often produce a series of problems when gravure printing is performed. One of the common problems is poor ink fastness. How to make poor ink fastness is a quality problem. The probability of minimization is a common concern for packaging and printing companies. [detailed]
Exploration of Application of Water-based Ink in Aluminum Foil Printing
Abstract: This article describes various aspects of the use of water-based inks in PTP aluminum foil printing, introduces the selection of resins, additives, and pigments for inks in aluminum foil printing, analyzes the application cost, and analyzes the various costs encountered in aluminum foil printing. This kind of problem is analyzed briefly, and the solution is proposed. [detailed]
Discussion on the Influence of Ink Viscosity on Plastic Film Composite Printing
Ink viscosity is the main factor that determines ink performance. It is related to ink transfer, paper properties and structure during the printing process. The viscosity of the ink is too large, the ink transfer is not easy to be uniform during the printing process, and paper fuzzing will occur, which will cause the page to bloom; if the viscosity is too small, the ink is easy to emulsify and start [detailed]
Application of environmentally friendly surface printing inks on tissue packaging
In 2010, with the initial recovery of the global economy, China's tissue paper market demand is strong and continues to maintain rapid growth momentum. According to the "2010 Overview and Outlook of the tissue paper industry" prepared by the China Paper Association's tissue paper committee, , 2010 China Papermaking Association [detailed]
Precautions for using benzene-free ink
In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the safety of food and its packaging materials, and has successively introduced relevant regulations and standards. The food safety law and GB9685-2008 were implemented in June 2009, and the new national standard GB / T10004-2008 was implemented in August, giving huge benefits to the flexible packaging industry [detailed]
WE plastic film water-based gravure printing ink
I. Types and ingredients of plastic film gravure printing inks: At present, plastic gravure printing inks are mainly divided into solvent-based gravure WE printing inks, chlorinated polypropylene inks, polyamide inks and polyurethane inks. At present, the chlorinated polypropylene ink commonly used in China is made of chlorinated polypropylene [detailed]
Detailed explanation of how to print ink
With the introduction of global environmental legislation and VOC emission control regulations, the era of ink printing has come to an end. Some people develop, some question, some agree, some wonder, some welcome, and some applications are the process that any new product application begins to experience. Pen [detailed]
Key points for using environmentally friendly inks
Since the 1980s, China's plastic flexible packaging industry has developed rapidly, which has promoted the rapid development of the packaging industry of food, medicine and other daily chemical products, and people's awareness of environmental protection, hygiene and safety has also been continuously enhanced. When formulating policies to promote economic development, the government also first [detailed]
Method for manufacturing ultra-high temperature anti-yellowing solvent-type cooking-resistant gravure white ink
Research background: At present, China's flexible packaging technology has developed rapidly and its level has been continuously improved. The flexible packaging materials produced are of various styles. Among them, composite flexible packaging materials have become one of the more mature major packaging materials in China. For example, the film substrate used is PET, BOPP, [detailed]
How long will it take for Chinese plastic gravure printing inks to become waterborne?
With the progress and development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the society has higher and higher requirements for the grade of plastic flexible packaging, and the demand is increasing. The variety and patterns of flexible packaging are increasing, and the usage is increasing. At present, more than 95% of domestic plastic flexible packaging printing is intaglio printing [detailed]
Talk about water-soluble plastic packaging printing ink application
To evaluate a packaging printing ink brand, it is not only the output value scale and profit, but also the stability of the packaging printing ink product that can be recycled and reused, the multi-purpose printing adaptability, and environmental protection and safety. Water-soluble, [Detailed]
Trouble shooting techniques for mellow ink printing
With the packaging industry's emphasis on environmental protection, alcohol-based inks have received increasing attention and use. In order to make better use of the performance of alcohol inks, the following briefly introduces some experiences and troubleshooting techniques in the use of alcohol inks. I. Notes on the use of alcoholic inks [detailed]
How to repair the screw and barrel of a plastic mechanical extruder
As we all know, screw and barrel are two important parts of plastic mechanical extruder. If it is damaged, it will affect the operation of the machine. So what do we need to pay attention to when repairing? According to the actual inner diameter of the barrel, the new screw is given according to the normal clearance with the barrel [detailed]
Novel drying box structure for film drying of gravure printing machine
In the production process of the printing film of the gravure printing machine, a layer of ink is adsorbed on the surface of the printed film after embossing. The ink must be dried to fully dry the ink before it can be firmly absorbed on the film and then enter the next color printing. The printed film products come out with accurate color registration and bright colors, reaching [detailed]
Analysis of Optimal Design of Drying Device of Gravure Printing Machine
The gravure printing press occupies an extremely important position in the printing and packaging industry, and the design of the drying device is one of the core technologies of the gravure printing technology. The drying effect of the drying device is the main factor that restricts the speed and printing quality of the gravure printing machine, and is the key to affect the performance of the whole machine, and it is also the manufacturer of the gravure printing machine equipment [detailed]
Shaftless plate-engaging structure for printing plate rotation driven directly by motor
Flexible packaging continues to develop rapidly. Gravure printing machines in this field must also continue to innovate and improve in order to meet the requirements of rapid development of flexible packaging. Therefore, equipment manufacturers must produce gravure printing with the advantages of high printing speed, high overprint accuracy, wide range of printing materials, stable operation, low noise, and easy operation. [Details]
How to realize front and back printing without stopping the gravure printing equipment
First, how to achieve positive and negative printing on the gravure printing machine when feeding, in the field of gravure printing, many printing materials require continuous printing of multiple colors, without stopping, in the last printing unit to the printing material. The reverse side is coated once (or full-frame printing). Concave according to the connection type [detailed]
Old equipment glows with new vitality—compound machine tension control system improves experience
Dry laminating machine is an important equipment produced by the packaging and printing industry. According to its process characteristics, the tension control requirements of the equipment are relatively strict. When the film is running on the equipment, the film surface must be controlled to prevent damage, wrinkling and Tensile deformation, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the finished product (rewinding) cannot be sent [detailed]
Key to consistent performance of functional coatings: advantages of drying technology and equipment integration
At present, the main problems of functional coatings are coating color difference, missing coating, coating flatness and stretch of base film, and coating drying consistency. The key core technology to solve the above problems is the oven drying technology. To solve these problems, in addition to the quality of the coating itself, the uniformity and flatness of the coating [detailed]
Factors Affecting Overprinting in Gravure Printing Press
Abstract: This article analyzes the reasons and solutions for inaccurate overprinting in gravure printing from aspects of printing materials, tension control, printing press performance, operating methods, printing environment, and gravure suitability. Inaccurate overprinting is one of the problems often encountered in gravure printing, and it is also a tricky thing, because the shadow [detailed]
Equipment modification automatic fire extinguishing device (suitable for printing equipment and composite equipment)
With the advent of summer, temperature, static electricity, and drying are likely to cause fires. In addition, the glue, ink, solvent, and pressure roller used in the soft bag industry are flammable substances. Therefore, we must pay attention to safety awareness and Accidents must be controlled in a timely and effective manner. By modifying the automatic fire extinguishing device of the equipment, [detailed]
System Design and Efficiency Analysis of High-speed Intelligent Paper-Aluminum Multi-layer Co-extrusion Compound Production Line
Abstract: In order to solve the production efficiency and energy consumption problems of paper-plastic-aluminum multi-layer co-extrusion composite production line, this paper researches, designs, and proposes a high-speed intelligent temperature and operation control system based on common high-speed DC bus technology. Transmission system. After verification, the paper-plastic aluminum developed in this article [detailed]
New design of hot stamping waste film winding equipment
Abstract: This paper introduces the new design of the hot stamping waste film winding equipment used in the printing and packaging industry, which changes the printing industry's method of rewinding the paper (film) to be flat and breaks through the conventional thinking constraints of the printing industry. The key technology of this new type of hot stamping waste film winding equipment lies in the same pull foil on the hot stamping machine (feed foil [detailed]
New method for calculating pre-drive roll diameter of printing press
Abstract: This paper analyzes the two calculation methods for calculating the pre-drive coil diameter of a traditional potentiometer and the pre-drive coil diameter of a new type of encoder, and compares their advantages and disadvantages. The encoder calculates the pre-drive coil diameter, which can reduce the debugging coil diameter time and improve work efficiency. Although the new encoder of the printing press calculates the pre-drive roll diameter method, it is hard [detailed]
How to control the tension when blowing film production
Abstract: In the production of blown film, if the tension cannot be controlled, quality problems such as stretch deformation of the film surface, uneven film roll, and easy adhesion when unwinding in the next process will occur. This article introduces the characteristics, composition and principle of the tension control system, and details how to install and debug the tension sensor and tension controller [detailed]
The application of B & R remote diagnosis in the packaging field
With the rapid development of industrial control technology and Internet technology, it has become an inevitable trend to integrate Internet technology into the control system of equipment. For most equipment manufacturers, whoever can better use and apply network resources will be able to occupy more and better market opportunities in the fiercely competitive market [detailed]
Optical film coating equipment and coating technology
I. Selection of different coating methods for different optical film products 1. Coating method for microstructured optical film products (1) Prism film is also called brightness enhancement film (BEF). The coating feature is that the coating thickness of prism film is: Material: PET film 38 ~ 250μm, coating method is roller coating, it is best to choose [detailed]
Application analysis of cold stamped aluminum hard sheet in blister packaging
The aluminum-plastic blister pack of medicine is also called blister pack, which is referred to as PTP pack. It is formed by heating and vacuum forming or cold stamping the packaging material film to form a groove suitable for the shape of tablets, capsules, etc., and then filling the drug, and then heating it with an aluminum foil coated with a heat-sealable coating. Seal to form a unit package [detailed]
Patented packaging: Secret beauty bag
Performance keywords such as “carton flat bottom”, “plastic bag seal”, and “super weight-reducing material” determine that it is different from ordinary packaging. In order to change the standing of the bottom of the existing standing packaging bag and compensate for the problems that the carton cannot be sealed, Make better use of the practicality and aesthetics of packaging bags, and improve consumer consumption experience, [detailed]
Performance and application of non-PVC multi-chamber bag infusion packaging film
In clinical infusion treatment, 1 to 3 drugs are usually added to the basic infusion. During the preparation process, the physical and chemical properties of the infusion are changed due to puncture and mixing, resulting in a large number of insoluble particles. The particles will be blocked after entering the human body. Capillary thrombosis and granuloma; preparation process is also possible [detailed]
How to use statistical techniques to evaluate supplier quality assurance capabilities
There are many factors that affect the quality of ink products, which are divided into five aspects: human, machine, material, ring, and law. People, machine, environment, and law can be improved and controlled by various means within the enterprise. The quality of the "material" directly affects the quality of the ink product, but the only factor that affects the "material" is [detailed]
Application of deoxidizer in amino acid non-PVC soft bag outer packaging
Abstract: Amino acid non-PVC infusion flexible packaging bags require extremely high oxygen barrier properties. This paper analyzes the characteristics of non-PVC infusion flexible packaging bags in detail and introduces the use of deoxidizers. The packaging of fully enclosed infusion needs to exclude air pollution during infusion and completely eliminate crossover [detailed]
Characteristics, production and application of paper-aluminum-plastic medicine packaging composite film
Abstract: Paper-aluminum-plastic composite films are widely used in the field of drug packs. This paper focuses on the analysis of quality problems that are easy to occur on paper-aluminum-plastic composite films produced by gravure and solvent-free composite processes. Resolved problems such as excessive residual solvents, discoloration of heat seal, odor, bad heat seal, etc. [detailed]
Application of new technology in flexible packaging equipment
Abstract: This article mainly introduces the innovative technology of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safety used on electronic shaft gravure printing equipment. Including: Directly creating value (shaftless transmission, sleeve rubber roller, plate loading, inking integrated trolley, rigid sliding scraper with one-button reset function, fast inking system, fast scrolling up and down, [detailed]
Development Trend of Solventless Laminating Adhesive
At present, the compounding of domestic food flexible packaging enterprises is mainly dry compounding. However, with the rapid development of the economy and the gradual maturity of various conditions, domestic solvent-free composite and solvent-free polyurethane adhesives face unprecedented opportunities. Especially the new national standard GB / T 10004-2 [detailed]
Application of deoxygenation packaging technology in food industry
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for food, not only fresh and high quality, but also nutritional safety. However, food is prone to spoilage during storage and transportation, which reduces the quality and nutritional value of the food, and even produces harmful substances in severe cases, which endangers the human body [detailed]
Development status and future of flexible packaging composite solventless adhesives
At present, the three most important environmental protection technologies of international flexible packaging are: solvent-free composite technology, flexographic printing and co-extrusion compounding, among which solvent-free composite technology is the most environmentally friendly. At present, the solvent-free composite technology has occupied a very important position in the European and American markets, accounting for 80% to 90% of the new composite machine equipment [detailed]
Development trend and life cycle assessment of composite flexible packaging materials
I. Development trend of composite flexible packaging materials at home and abroad 1. Development trend of domestic composite flexible packaging materials Develop environmentally friendly composite flexible packaging films. At present, the world recognizes PET as an environmentally friendly material, which can be recycled and reused. Due to the improvement of people's living standards [detailed]
The future of the label industry starts from now-30% to 70% cost savings brought by the new production process of the Canadian Yidi label
As a label printing company, do you already feel that the pressure on the cost of label printing materials is increasing? More and more label printing companies, and label prices are getting lower and lower? Customers are increasingly demanding personalized labels? Due to the homogeneity of materials and equipment, it is difficult for labels to make big breakthroughs in cost and style [detailed]
3D in packaging
With the development and deepening of the low-carbon concept, people in the packaging field are becoming more and more 'scrupulous' in product research and development and design. They hope to directly transform the concept ideas into actual products. With the emergence of packaging 3D, this concept has been achieve. From the product [detailed]
Low-temperature plasma quasi-glow discharge and its application in packaging
Abstract Low temperature plasma technology has good surface treatment uniformity when processing organic materials, which can greatly improve the surface energy of the substrate. It has a good application prospect in ink printing, hydrogel coating, and vacuum aluminum plating machine. Plasma [detailed]
Case study on improvement of skin care product anti-counterfeiting packaging structure
I. INTRODUCTION With the development of the commodity economy, counterfeit and shoddy goods have been flooded, and packaging has been given anti-counterfeiting functions. There are a variety of counterfeiting methods. Among them, many counterfeiters have used the packaging of famous products to deceive consumers for the second time. This has damaged the corporate image and was stolen [detailed]
Printing error detection for hose packages
Hose printing quality detection technology develops with the development of people's requirements for printing. From the initial subjective visual evaluation to an objective evaluation based on a certain theory, from off-line detection to present online detection, its detection technology has been continuously innovating and developing. First, the content and accuracy of hose printing quality inspection [detailed]
Common product quality disputes in machinery manufacturing enterprises and how to avoid risks
According to the relevant requirements of the “Administrative Measures for Product Quality Arbitration Inspection and Product Quality Appraisal”, when the two parties to the product quality dispute (both parties) need to appraise the quality of the disputed product, they must apply to the provincial quality and technical supervision bureau or the AQSIQ Proposed that the administrative departments of quality and technical supervision above the provincial level [detailed]
Internal quality control of flexible packaging enterprises
Large and small quality accidents in flexible packaging companies occur from time to time and always cause management headaches. So how to prevent the occurrence of quality accidents? The author believes that the most effective way is to strengthen the various internal inspections of the enterprise, so that the products they make are well known. Everything is ahead of the accident, want to be ahead of the accident [detailed]
Effect of friction coefficient on the quality of flexible packaging products
The coefficient of friction is one of the basic physical properties of plastic films. When two objects in contact with each other have relative movement or relative movement tendency, the mechanical force generated by the contact surface of the two objects that hinders relative movement is friction. The friction properties of plastic films can be characterized by the dynamic and static friction coefficients of the materials. Static friction [detailed]
Effect of processing factor changes on quality stability of composite flexible packaging materials
The production of composite flexible packaging materials must go through multiple processes such as design, plate making, printing, compounding, slitting, and bag making. Each process has key quality control points. In order to obtain continuous and stable quality flexible packaging products, in addition to conventional control methods , Can not ignore the impact of changes in processing factors on quality, the following is simple [detailed]
Quality Control of Pinhole Degree of Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging
Pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic blister packs are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry due to their beautiful appearance, good barrier properties, and ease of use and portability. They are currently the main packaging for solid dosage forms such as pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, etc. One way. Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging (usually also [detailed]
Do quality inspection and control of screen printing
How the quality of printed matter has a lot to do with the quality of originals, technological measures, printer performance, paper quality, and technical quality of the operator. Therefore, strengthening the quality inspection and control of the printing process is very important to improve the printing quality of products. Meaning. Well, the texture of the dots [detailed]
The four steps of quality management in the soft pack factory
Step 1: Establish critical control points for production quality 1. Quality loss caused by marketing process Plastic flexible packaging Sometimes the quality loss is caused because the customer's requirements are not understood during the production process. These problems can be listed for external source control. This requires marketers to communicate with customers [detailed]
Analysis on the influence of soft packaging cooking product quality
Adapted from "Guangdong packaging" in March 2012, the second phase of: Principal Packing Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Fu Zhien First, the impact of temperature and pressure cooking pot for retort pouch-quality high-temperature cooking sterilization is an effective way to extend the shelf life of food , Has long been a lot [detailed]
How to do print quality control in a digital environment
Print quality refers to the comprehensive effect of various appearance characteristics of prints. From the perspective of reproduction technology, the quality of printing should be based on the "faithful reproduction of the original". Whether in the traditional printing process or in the digital process, the printed matter must be faithfully reproduced in the original. Printing [detailed]
Understanding and application of inkjet color management ICC curve
Many people ask about the ICC curve, but they don't understand it. Some people even think that with the ICC curve, you can print beautiful pictures. In fact, it is not true. Let me give you a general understanding. First of all, as we all know, the color gamut of RGB in computer software is very wide, and it is calculated [detailed]
Offset combination printing technology creates attractive packaging
The dominant position of offset printing in the field of publishing printing and commercial printing, it is difficult to shake other printing methods at present. This is not only because of the long history of offset printing technology, which has developed more mature, production standards, quality assurance, and workers' The operating level has also reached a high average; [detailed]
What is overprinting, overprinting, hollowing out and spot colors in printing?
Overprinting: refers to the need for overlapping registration in the printing of multi-color patterns when printing in multiple colors; trapping: refers to the overlapping of a color block with another color block to avoid white edges during printing, so it is also called supplemental white ; The place where the two colors meet may be printed when not trapped [detailed]
5 tips for plastic color matching, practical!
First, according to the comprehensive consideration of plastic properties, molding process, toner characteristics, color matching principles, product requirements and other comprehensive consideration, color matching of various toners, and then meet the required color requirements. Any color has a certain hue, a certain brightness, a certain saturation, which can be called up by changing these three factors [detailed]
Talking about the control of solvent residues in gravure plastic printing and packaging products
In the gravure printing process and the solvent-based dry lamination process of plastic flexible packaging, a large number of ester alcohol organic solvents such as isopropyl alcohol and ethyl ester are required. According to the ideal goal, the more completely these solvents evaporate in the production process, the better, but in actual production, there will always be more or less due to various reasons [detailed]
Flexible packaging rewinding and unwinding shaft and shaftless common mechanism design
In the flexible packaging industry, the mechanism for unwinding and rewinding is a relatively important part. For operators, the simpler the mechanism for loading and unloading film materials, the better, and do not waste too much time and energy. At present, there are mainly two kinds of structures for rewinding and unwinding: one is the common mechanism of shaftless loading and shafted loading, and the other [detailed]
Explore the possibility of applying dry ice cleaning technology in the field of printing and packaging
1. Dry ice cleaning technology 1. Definition of dry ice The shape of dry ice is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 The appearance of dry ice Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which condenses carbon dioxide at normal temperature and pressure of 6079.8 kPa [detailed]
Key points for production control of mask packaging bags
The packaging market is changing with each passing day. All types of packaging require flexible packaging companies to continuously improve and transform and innovate, especially individual fast-moving consumer packaging. In the past year or two, the mask packaging market has formed a huge demand for packaging, especially the fanaticism of online shopping, which has made the mask packaging incandescent [detailed]
Innovative high-speed paper leaching and aseptic packaging equipment came out in the Far East
Shantou Far East 300m / min high-speed paper leaching aseptic packaging production line demonstration site Design [detailed]
Non-linear taper control method for flexible package winding taper tension
At present, the winding taper tension of the unit-type printing presses produced by our company is mainly linear decreasing. Linear tension taper control is relatively stable in principle, and the value of tension decreases with the increase of the winding diameter. For some printed products with normal processes, this taper control method can fully meet the requirements of printed products, but [detailed]
Causes and countermeasures that affect the unevenness of the film roll end face
1. The purpose and significance of slitting large film rolls The slitting process is a very important process. It is a special process carried out between film manufacturers and downstream printing and composite enterprises. Its role is to divide the large film rolls according to user requirements. Cut into customer-specific exact specifications for customer use. When slitting and unwinding, you can [detailed]
Research on Bio-regulated Fresh-keeping Packaging
Pears are rich in water, mineral elements, vitamins, etc., so they have the effects of moistening the lungs, reducing phlegm, relieving cough, reducing fever, detoxifying and alcohol poisoning, and the boron element contained in pears can prevent osteoporosis in women. But it is also because pears contain a lot of water and strong respiration, which is very susceptible to disease during growth and storage [detailed]
How to manage gravure plate rollers
In our flexible packaging industry, there are usually such descriptions: seven points printing, three points printing. Plate roller is one of the important carriers of our flexible packaging printing, which determines the quality of gravure printing, the effect of product packaging, and directly affects product brand communication and market competitiveness. First, can not catch up to the standard sample [detailed]
Matters needing attention in plastic gravure design
The production process of printing, compounding, slitting, and bag making of plastic flexible packaging is a linkage process, and the design of gravure layout is the first step of the entire plastic composite flexible packaging. The rationality of the layout design is not only a necessary condition for product demand, but also whether it can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs [detailed]
Application of taper control in coiling of flexible packaging materials
Abstract: During the rewinding process of coils used in the flexible packaging industry, the winding core of the flexible packaging coiling material is generally wrinkled due to improper setting or control of the winding taper. ZhuoJi has calculated different taper calculations and representations through the characteristics of different forms of taper input and output for a large number of devices [detailed]
Discussion on Repeated Length Control of Composite Cover Film
In recent years, with the increase in labor costs and the development of automated packaging machinery, the combination of composite cover film and bottom film (stretch film) to replace the traditional three-side sealing bag has become increasingly obvious. The combined use of composite cover film and bottom film can greatly improve packaging efficiency and packaging quality. At the same time for composite flexible packaging enterprises [detailed]
Small process change solves the big problem of antistatic packaging quality
In recent years, with the rapid development of high and new technology, the automation, high efficiency of production equipment and the high integration of electronic devices have made the production, transportation, use and storage environment of microelectronic products increasingly complex. The development of modularization and modularization has put forward more and more requirements [detailed]
Application of heat pump technology in the field of printing and packaging
Abstract: Heat pumps can save energy. The heat generated by the heat pump condenser is used for printing, coating and drying, and the cooling is used for the refrigeration of workshops and office buildings. Using heat pump to achieve energy saving and emission reduction of coating machine. I. Working principle and advantages of heat pump Heat pump technology is an energy technology in the 21st century [detailed]
How to make solvent-free composite products
There are three requirements to do solvent-free compounding: 1. First, we must have a high-precision solvent-free equipment. 2. Use qualified solventless glue. Third, proficient in solvent-free composite technology. A qualified solvent-free equipment should achieve high precision in two aspects: 1. Mechanical aspects [detailed]
Factor Equilibrium Analysis and Solving Solventless Problems
Solvent-free polyurethane adhesive is a kind of green environmental protection food packaging adhesive with great development potential. Compared with traditional solvent-based polyurethane adhesives, solvent-free adhesives do not require the use of organic solvents in the compounding process, thereby avoiding hidden dangers such as solvent residues that endanger food hygiene and safety. In addition [detailed]
Viscosity control of dry compound glue
Since the 1980s, China's plastic packaging industry has achieved sustained and rapid development. Especially plastic flexible packaging, with the popularization of supermarkets in major cities, the development is particularly rapid. In general, any single plastic film cannot meet the overall needs of flexible packaging. Multilayer composite films have excellent barrier properties and chemical resistance [detailed]
Analysis of factors affecting dry compound quality
Dry lamination is a lamination method currently used in our flexible packaging industry. There are many factors that affect the final lamination quality, including process parameters, adhesive selection and formulation. First, the standard process parameters of dry compound 1, the key parameters of the compound oven temperature: 50 ~ 60 ℃; 60 ~ 70 ℃; [detailed]
Analysis on the causes and solutions of dry-type composite bubbles in flexible packaging
Dry lamination is a process in which two or more films are bonded together with an adhesive using dry lamination equipment. In plastic composite flexible packaging, dry lamination is one of the most commonly used production methods. Due to its wide choice of substrates, high composite strength, convenient printing and fast production speed, etc. account for the packaging industry [detailed]
Key points of quality control for dry packaging process of flexible packaging
The flexible packaging compounding process is the most critical part of the quality management of the entire flexible packaging production. If the control is not good, it will not only waste the cost of the previous printing process, but also have a very negative impact on the product delivery time. I. Factors Affecting the Quality of Dry-Laminated Flexible Packaging 1 [detailed]
Discussion on the Causes of the Poor Dry Composite Strength of Aluminized Films and the Aluminized Transfer
Because the light-shielding and barrier properties of aluminum-plated films are relatively close to those of aluminum foils, aluminum-plated films are particularly used in food, pharmaceuticals, health products, electronic products, clothing packaging and other fields, especially puffed foods in food. Compared with aluminum foil packaging, aluminum coating is a low cost and high performance packaging structure [detailed]
Influence of temperature and humidity changes in production environment on printing and composite quality
The so-called seasonal climate change is the change of the two major indicators of environmental humidity and temperature. Generally speaking, during the spring and summer seasons, especially during the rainy season, the relative humidity in the air is relatively large and can even reach saturation. In autumn and winter, the air is dry and humidity is low; in terms of temperature, summer is much higher than winter, the maximum between the two [detailed]
Differential coating and gluing method
Abstract: Differential coating and gluing changed the coating state of the adhesive from spot coating to surface coating, thereby relatively expanding the bonding area of the material and increasing the bonding strength. When the bonding strength is met, the amount of glue can be reduced, thereby reducing the compounding cost and reducing the problems of composite products [detailed]
Treatment of Abnormal Phenomenon of Solvent-free Adhesive Composite Process
Abstract: This article analyzes in detail the causes of quality problems such as paper-plastic detachment, aluminum plating transfer, and bubbles in the solvent-free composite process, and introduces corresponding solutions. The abnormal phenomenon of the solvent-free composite process of flexible packaging is usually due to paper, film, ink, adhesive, machinery and equipment [detailed]
Exchange of Experiences in Solventless Composite Aluminum Plating
Abstract: This article describes a method for achieving no white spots in composite aluminum plating using specific solvent-free adhesives. The adhesive ratio increases the amount of OH used, reduces the amount of NCO used, and the viscosity of the glue is large. After testing, it has solved the aluminum plating transfer, composite white point, and friction after curing that are easy to occur in solvent-free composite aluminum plating [detailed]
Solvent-free composite process control
Abstract: Solvent-free compounding process is becoming more and more widely used. This article details the cost of solvent-free compounding, the scope of solvent-free compounding, the compatibility of solvent-free glue and ink, the generation of solvent-free compound bubbles and joint bubbles, Appearance of thread, empty glue and solutions. Solvent-free complex [detailed]
Composite process of nylon membrane and solvent-free
Abstract: Nylon film is a highly hygroscopic film. Once it absorbs moisture, its physical properties change and the film becomes soft and wrinkled. It is a great test for high-speed solvent-free compounding. Nylon film thickness balance, film surface smoothness, vertical and horizontal differences in heat shrinkage, surface wetting tension, additives and other factors [detailed]
Talk about the friction coefficient of composite packaging film
Abstract: The friction coefficient of a composite film mainly depends on the material of the surface film and the effects of additives such as slipping agents and opening agents. By reducing various unfavorable factors acting on the additives, a stable friction coefficient can be obtained. Only a stable coefficient of friction in a certain range is conducive to production. This article analyzes the control in detail [detailed]
Two-component water-based polyurethane adhesive
Abstract: This paper introduces a new two-component water-based polyurethane adhesive, which has obvious cost advantages over solvent-based adhesives, and has better initial adhesion and low temperature resistance (freezing resistance) when composite products are used. . Two-component water-based polyurethane adhesive is a new type of alternative that was newly introduced in 2013 [detailed]
Reasonable application of barrier properties of high barrier film materials
The barrier performance of plastic film refers to the performance of the film to block the transmission of small molecule liquids, gases, water vapor, odors, etc. The barrier capacity is expressed by the transmission coefficient. , Meaning lmm thickness of plastic film products, at temperature 23 [detailed]
Study on Factors Affecting the Synthesis Process of Polyester Polyol
In recent years, polyurethane resin (TPU) has gradually grown in the PU (polyurethane) market at a rate of 10% due to its outstanding performance characteristics and its wide market application. TPU has both the physical and mechanical properties of rubber and the easy processing of plastics. Its wear resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance and radiation resistance [detailed]
Instructions for use after BOPA film thinning
In recent years, the plastic flexible packaging industry has taken "packaging reduction" as one of the important ways to achieve "green packaging". In the plastic soft bag industry, the direct manifestation of packaging reduction is film thinning, which has been widely used in European and American markets. At present, the "thinning" of plastic films is already a soft bag [detailed]
HD915CF, high crystalline homopolypropylene to improve product stiffness
In Asia Pacific and the Middle East, there is another new material choice for the flexible packaging market: highly crystalline homopolypropylene. I. Characteristics and uses of high crystalline homopolypropylene 1. Multilayer coextruded films have become one of the flexible packaging film industries due to their superior performance and performance [detailed]
UV-absorbing transparent packaging material
I. Damage of ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet rays are electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 136 to 390 nm, which have a bactericidal effect. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 250 to 280 nm are particularly effective and have been widely used in the food industry. But the ultraviolet light is irradiated on the goods, due to its high energy effect, [detailed]
Typical application of high-strength PE film in flexible packaging
Abstract: This paper introduces some typical applications of high-strength PE film produced by linear low-density polyethylene material supplemented by EVA coextrusion in frozen packaging, oil bags, and other products. Compared with the traditional reinforced PE film, it is produced by a new generation of linear low density polyethylene material supplemented by EVA co-extrusion [detailed]
Factors affecting film slip
Plastic film additives are one of the key factors to ensure the smooth production of film and the quality assurance of flexible packaging products. It is also a common way to adjust the surface friction coefficient of plastic films. In the process of making plastic films, in order to make plastic films have good smoothness, it is usually used to add a certain resin to it [detailed]
Technology and application of environment-friendly modified polyvinyl alcohol coating material
Abstract: Due to its poor water resistance and poor thermoplastic processability, its development has been limited, but its good biodegradability and biocompatibility have made it highly valued in material applications. This article combines the actual work experience to analyze the characteristics, modification and performance of polyvinyl alcohol, and at the same time [detailed]
New development of physical vapor deposition transparent barrier films
I. Introduction At present, the transparent barrier films produced by the physical vapor deposition method mainly include silicon oxide-coated and alumina-coated films based on PET and BOPP films. This article introduces a little-known transparent barrier film prepared by physical vapor deposition method-melamine vapor deposition transparent [detailed]
Study on Preparation and Properties of PET / EVOH / MMT Blends
Introduction Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has gradually become the fastest growing resin in the world's packaging industry due to its excellent comprehensive properties. Because of its good mechanical and optical properties, it is widely used in the preparation of fibers, films and soft drink bottles. In recent years, most carbonated drinks have been [detailed]
Development and process requirements of high-barrier aluminized biaxially oriented polypropylene film
At present, the production capacity of the biaxially oriented polypropylene film industry in China has reached 3.31 million tons, and the output is only 2.51 million tons, which is obviously insufficient. Its varieties are also mainly ordinary films, with serious homogeneity and fierce competition in the industry. On the other hand, high-end varieties such as high-barrier aluminized biaxially oriented polypropylene film technology development capabilities [detailed]
Use of roll coating materials in flexible packaging
A large number of roll coating materials are being widely used in packaging. Some are selected for reasons of appearance and decoration, and some are for functional reasons, because usually the deposited material will give the substrate good barrier properties. In this field, the vast majority of users of roll coating materials use resistance evaporation deposition method [detailed]
Development and Application of Nano Antibacterial High Barrier Packaging Film
(Project supported by Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology: Project No. 2008GK3008) I. Preface The betel nut industry in Hunan has a history of more than 300 years, and has achieved large-scale development in the past ten years, and now it has even become a pillar industry in Xiangtan City. Lake [detailed]
Advanced Packaging Materials-Polypropylene Blown Film
Polypropylene (PP) is a semi-crystalline material. To this day, polypropylene films are produced almost exclusively using cast film technology: the polymer melt is extruded on a cooling steel roll and immediately cooled, resulting in rapid melt crystallization. And PP with water contact cooling ring [detailed]
Green environmental protection packaging material worthy of promotion by vacuum deposition of transparent barrier film
With the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements have been placed on the safety of products such as food and medicine and the decorative and beautifying effects of product packaging. In order to improve the circulation cycle and shelf life of products, the role of product packaging is increasingly important. The packaging is provided to protect the contents from external microorganisms [detailed]
Opportunities for cornering in the packaging and printing industry
Since October 1, 2015, the policy of collecting VOCs sewage charges in packaging and printing industries has been implemented. Various charging standards have been introduced, environmental protection policies are approaching, and the development path of packaging and printing industry has encountered difficulties: VOCs exhaust gas is not treated or Governance is not up to standard, not only to pay a huge amount [detailed]
Green Manufacturing System GMS in Soft Bag Industry
As far as the current technology level is concerned, it is not realistic for the soft bag industry to completely eliminate solvents containing VOCs. It is a realistic and feasible path to realize green manufacturing through optimization of processes and manufacturing systems. I. Introduction to Green Manufacturing System GMS Green manufacturing is a comprehensive consideration of environmental impact and resource efficiency [detailed]
Food Intelligent Packaging Technology Features and Applications
Packaging plays a very important role in the food supply chain. With the increase of people's requirements for food quality and safety, great changes have also taken place in food packaging. Various new packaging technologies have been continuously developed. Intelligent packaging is one of the packaging technologies with great development potential. Smart packaging is through surveillance [detailed]
Discussion on voc treatment scheme of packaging organic solvent
With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, organic solvents (Volatile Organic Compounds, referred to as voc), such as gravure printing machines, laminating machines, and coating machines, are increasingly emitting. The organic solvent in the production process is generally the solid content of the ink or adhesive 3 [detailed]
Development of new technology applications for high-speed electronic shafts
As we all know, electronic shaft transmission technology is one of the most noticeable technologies in the field of gravure printing equipment in the past 30 years. Unlike traditional mechanical long shafts, electronic shaft transmission uses independent drive servo motors as drive components, and uses encoders and phase control technology. , Through the transmission of electronic signals to the entire device [detailed]
Status and Thinking of Waste Gas Recycling in Flexible Packaging Industry
The exquisite packaging of the product is enviable, and it will also cause huge pollution to the environment. In addition to the packaging itself, it is mainly the large amount of organic waste gas brought by the packaging process. Thousands of packaging companies, large and small, across the country bring an alarming amount of solvent emissions every day, and a small company emits at least every day [detailed]
VOCs governance has long known: Are these technologies afraid of uncertain VOCs?
Main VOCs treatment technologies "The most widely used VOCs treatment technologies currently include adsorption recovery technology, adsorption concentration technology, catalytic combustion technology and high temperature incineration technology. In addition, low temperature plasma technology, biological treatment technology and combination technology have been rapidly Development. "China [detailed]
Control the VOCs of cigarette packs
Tan Zhen of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Chengcheng Printing Co., Ltd. At present, most cigarette sticks and packaging boxes in China use anti-counterfeit white card, composite, transfer paper as the base paper for packaging and production. Die cutting and other processes. With the improvement of people's quality of life, health [detailed]